WHITE CAIMAN

The white caiman is a crocodilian reptile found in much of Central and South America. It lives in a range of lowland wetland and riverine habitat types and can tolerate salt water as well as fresh.

The white caiman is a small to mid-sized crocodilian. Males of the species are generally 1.8 to 2 meters long, while females are smaller, usually around 1.2 to 1.4 meters. The body mass of adult white caimans is between 7-40 kg. The maximum reported size for the species is 2.5 meters long, with a body mass of 58 kg. The largest female was reportedly 1.61 meters long and weighed 20 kg.

The species common name comes from a bony ridge between the eyes, which gives the appearance of a pair of spectacles. Overall a typical crocodilian gray-green coloration, this species has been known to change color. During colder weather the black pigment, found within their skin cells, will expand making them appear darker.

Caimans eat a variety of invertebrates such as insects, crustaceans, mollusks. The larger caimans will eat fish and water snails. Older animals are capable of taking larger, mammalian prey. Observations show that as conditions become drier, caimans stop feeding.

Buin zoo was a beautiful place, there were a lot of animals. There were dark places that had the reptiles, in that place was the white caiman it was very big.

Agustin Contreras