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This snake have a color of brown, yellow and a bit of olive. They was nativity of Asia. The Taiwanese Rat Snake have a average large of 1,5 and 2 meters, but some of them could be like 8,5 meters. The babys have a average of 35 cm, but they grow up quickly and eat pink mice. They live in agricultural land, close of the water. This snakes are calm, but they are a pair in the world that are more violent. They are a good scaler, are agile, but they don't have oportunity to demostrate these because he lives in a close zone. If they have branches, they quickly go to the top. This snake refuge in the rubble, in the vegetation or in the landfills. The ideal temperature for this snakes are like 20°C in the nigth and 27°C in the day.

When I go to the Buin Zoo, I see a lot of snakes, someones of Taiwan, in the serpentarium of this Zoo are scorpions snake and a lot of others species of animals. The snakes space are very small if I compare of the mammals in the outside that need a lot of space to their lifes. The animals that catch more of my atenttion was the Caí Capuchino monkey because the jump in all her space with a lot of acurate and because in they have a vertebrate tail that help them to hold their body in the simple tail.