Sammy :"The Sloth"( from the Buin Zoo)

These are the carachteristics of an animal that is very SLOW,has no muscles so he uses his fur and and the sun light to be warm. It is very relaxed and like his name says it is a "SLOTH".

This animal lives in the tall trees of Costa Rica ( where you find 2 of the 5 species of sloths ) ,in the East of Venezuela , Honduras and in the North of Argentina.

Another carachteristic of the Sloth is that it is the SLOWEST mammal of the world , he can take 1 month to move 1 kilometer . The Sloth is an arboreal animal that means that they spend most part of their life on the trees ( he does everything up on the trees like: eating , sleeping, mating and giving birth),

He uses his claws to be hanging up on the trees that gives his name two-toed sloth or three-toed sloth. He is a hervibore animal, he especifically eats leaves, tenders of young trees and fruits.

The sloth does everything slow, because he has a slow metabolic and a low temperature of his own body (91 F) that lend to eat very little bits of food. He can tolerate the largest temperature change that any other mammal from 91 F to 25 F. He can take a week for digesting his meal. He has very small teeth for eating his food.

This animal can sleep between 15 and 18 hours per day.The sloth can be hunt by jaguars, harpy eagles and

humans, so he uses his fur to camouflage with the trees.The length they have is between, 1.5 and 2 feet long, they

also have a stumpy fat little tail.

The magic history of Sammy a very slow SLOTH.

Well in this trip I had a great expirience in the Buin Zoo I saw a lot of animals including to my SLOTH and we had a great , great time.

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