The ring tailed lemur is aspecies of primate family lemuriade estrepsirrino,you cant found only in is a highly social,living in grups of up to 13 individuals and more. dis lemur jas a big tail guit 2 colors black and wite. they it fruts and some mangos,one of the most vocal primates,and use many vocalizations. although classified as near threatened species in the lucn red list, and is threatened by habitat destruction,with about 2000 individuals. usually dey lives between 16 and 19 years in the wild and about 27 years in captivity ......wikipedia... informatin of the zoo : the lemur have diurnal habits.are gregarious and from family groups usually made up of several adults of both sexes,the offspring and grups juveniles.en these females are dominant and the children inherit the mother's range .usually the male offspring disperse,but famales pesmanesen in the natal group.