Red Kangaroo: The red kangaroo live in the central and western of Australia.They live in scrbland,grassland and desert habitats.The red kangaroo is a herbivore.

The red kangaroo are the large mammal.The males are bigger than the females.The red kangaroo have: two forelimbs,two muscular hind limbs and a strong tail.

He s diet is:green vegetation and fresh grass.

The red kangaroo use he s robust legs and feets to defend themselfs with kicks.

The red kangaroo live in groups of 2-5 members.The common groups are females and their young.The young red kangaroo fight is a tipe of "boxing".

The clasification of the kangaroo is: and the Buin zoo.

kingdom: animalia


infraclass: marsupiala

order: diprotodontia

family: macropodidae

Information from the zoo:The red kangaroo born in larva. they live in groups of 2-5 members.The males are bigger that the females.They were very active animals.They sleep very much.

Experience at the zoo:The zoo is very big.We have fun in all the zoo.We share with the other class.My favorite animal was the spider monkeys.The spider monkey was my favorite because they jump and play and they was very funny.We play and learn.There where many species of animals.