I learn that it is very important the diet of the turtle to assure its overall health. do not feed it just one sort of food you can feed her a variety of life foods (crickets,earthworms,aquatic snails,mosquito fish),fruits and vegetables one comercial foods and vitamin supplements.


Red-Eared sliders will be mature enough for breeding at about 5 years of age, this is when the female shell size is about 15 cms (about 6 inches)


The average gestation period is two months,but if she doesnt find a suitable place for laying her eggs,she might retain them inside.during the last two weeks you will notice that she will want to spend more time on land,sniffing and digging around inorder to find a proper place for laying her eggs.


It is dark green whith yellow lines and distinctive red patches at both sides of the head.sliders can be distinguished most easily by their rounded lower jaw(which is more squared off in pseudemys species).the toes on her rear legs are connected by a membrane (like ducks),since they are aquatic animals.


This native of the south of the united states is found in many places of the world. it has been introduced by people who bought thems as pets to later release them in the wild when they decide they dont want to keep them anymore.this represents a big problem in southern europe,for example,the red-eared slider competes for survival against the cistude of europe who is now in danger of extinction.


I have a very good experience in the zoo with mi group because they are very happy and exiting the animals for example the tiger is very beautifull and very big the boy iñigo lopèz is the guy that help mi for the guide of science naturalez in the zoo. when they finished the guide i give us TO THE MISS CATALINA CARVALHO.whith the group will see old the animals and i learn that the animals need help to survive because the humans kill the animals to eat and for skins.and therefore they need to help the animals because they are in danger of extinct.


I can not see my animal because the last part of the zoo is the acuarium and the turtle is there and the guide girl not cant explain nathing about the turtle because they have to go to there house.