The poison golden frog you can find it in the pacific coast of Colombia,his habitat is the rainforest(5m or more),the temperature thet it have to live is 26. C and humidity of 80 to 90%. it is a social animal, it live in groups, it is a carnivore it eat ants( dont copy paste).

The poison frog can have one milligram of poison that can kill 10.000 mice and 10 between 20 humans. His poison stores in skin glands, it poison can kill whatever it eat exept for a snake, they are letally toxic( dont copy paste).

When i went to Buin i saw the poison frog it 2cm long, when it born it dont start being poisonous, when it start eating the ants that are poisonous he start being poisonous and it poison all that they touch.

In Buin Zoo i had a very good experince i learn a lot i saw a lots of animals. The animal that i like more was the Quique because he ran a lot and was very fast, i like it. I like a lot the monkeys and i learn a lot of them and my animal also i learn a lot.

The poison frog i saw it was to small i cant take a photo with my telephone because my celular dont can do zoom, but i will paste another photo.