The Nile monitor

Nile monitors can grow up to 9 ft in length (wich is very big), they have muscular bodies ,strong legs and powerful jaws. The teeht are sharp and pointy in juvenile animals and become bluntand peg like adults. They alsoo possess sharp claws to catch animals and for climbing or tearing apart animals for defense, and like all monitors they have a forked tongue.

Their nosils are placed high on the snout, indicating that these animals are highly aquatic, but are also excellent in climbing rocks and runners on land. Nile monitors fed on fish, frogs, etc.

               My personal experience

My personal experience was a little disappointing because this animal was not in the zoo but I got to see a similar one called "desert monitor". I also got to see other great and wonderful animals, like a lemur that meditated, and it was pretty funny.

by Diego Galleguillos