The scientific name of macklots python is liasis mackloti
AMacchiavello 6B Macklots Python

Macklots Python

the people know the macklots python for being irritables snake.adults may grow to 7 feet (213cm) in lenght,or longer.the coloration consistof a blackish-brown to green color, with yellow ochre sides and a white belly, patterned with scattered small yellow spots, or black speckles, whit the labial scales are lightly colored . they breed easily in captivity.

find in indonesia in the lesser sunda islands of savu, roti, samao. timor and wetar.the type locality given is "les iles de timor et de samao." brongersma(1968) restricted the type locality to "timor" by lectotype designation.the snake had a dull skin that has a dark brown some cases,one may find a yellow shade on the has a labial scales that are brightly colored. the dark brown color enables the snakes camouflage itself when in its natural habitat.

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