The Hamadriade Baboon

FEEDING : The feeding of the baboon are omnivorous because the baboon feeds of insects and fruits.

ENVIRONMENT : The baboon live in egypt, is a especies of catarrhine primate family Cercopithecidae living in semi-deserts , dry grasslands and rocky areas of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

PRINCIPAL FEATURES : One of your principal features are that has a read rear , males are larger than females and burly and finally have a big fangs.

SOCIAL LIFE : Form family groups led and defended by an alpha male, only one authorized to reproduce , a subadult male, several females (15 maximum) and their young offspring.

INCREAS IN BABOONS : Thanks to the extermination of naturals predators ( leopards of lions ) by man in most of its distribution has helped to reduce mortality to a minimum.

MY ANIMAL : I found my animal very because i found it very funny because it has a read back they do not have all the animals and so i found it very funny and good.

MY EXPERIENCE AT THE ZOO : I had a good time and not every day you go to the zoo all the animals and found i liked the trip fun.

Olive baboon Ngorongoro

This is a baboon.