Across the african continent and the arabian peninsula there are several typesof monitors,the most widely distibuted or are native to arid,semiarid and desert.

The term subspecies is higly questionable in any species, monitor lizards is particulary questionable. The taxonomy and morphology of certains forms,morphologies ,varieties or regional variation is too complex to be "clasified" in a concise, there for imposes another type of classificattion,and this is a classification based strictly on geographic location.

althought quite different species together all monitor lizards are opportunist predators and very efficient,their senses are higly developed,are very active animals and their level of intelligence is more land and there are semi-aquatic, however, and where apropiated any especies of monitor lizzards is perfectly capale of climbing trees,rocks,swimming,running, at high speed for any type of terrain.

In africa here are several species that are exploted,colected for export as exotic animals.They also are hunted mainly as food.The lizzardsare regulary eaten by the natives in many african countries,are roasted and eaten including the skin and fat.

The skin ,very high quality and highly regarded not exploted, partly because of lack of treatment facilities and marketing and partly because no tradition in this regard. by contrast, in asia the industry and the fur trade is the main tyhreat that decimated the populations of lizzards.