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The Blue Crane (Anthropoides Paradiseus), also known as the Stanley Crane and the Paradise Crane, is the national bird of South Africa.

The Blue Crane is a tall, ground-dwelling bird, but is fairly small by the standard of the crane family. It is 100-120 cm tall and weighs 3.6-6.2 kg.

Blue Cranes are birds of the dry grassy uplan, usually the pastured grasses of hills, valleys, and planes with a few scattered trees. They prefer areas in the nesting season that have access to both upland and wetland areas, though they feed almost entirely in dry areas. They are altitudinal migrants, generally nesting in the lower grasslands of an elevation of around 1,300 to 2,000 m and moving down to lower altitudes for winter. although they can wander into agricultural areas, this cranes are most common in areas where disturbance by humans and their cattle is relatively low.

Blue Cranes feed from the ground and appear to rarely feed near wetland areas. Most of their diet is comprised by grasses and sedges, with many types fed on based on their proximity to the nests. They are also regularly insectivorous, feeding on numerous, sizable insects such as grasshoppers. Small animals such as crabs, snails, frogs and small lizards and snakes may supplement the diet.