CENTRAL BEARDED DRAGON (Pogona vitticeps,the central bearded dragon ,is a species of agamid lizard ocurring in a wide range of aris to semiarid regions of Australia. This species is very populary kept as a pet exhibited in zoos


details of the "beard"

Adults of this species usually grow to be about two feet in length, with the tail accounting for over half of the total body length .Sexes are not strongly dimorphic ,but males can be disitnguished from females,as males have a wider cloacal opening, the base of the tail is wider,the head is usually larger with a larger beard(often black) and possess hemipenes.Males also have `more pronounced femoral pores than females 8these can be seen as waxy bumps on the underside of the back legs).Bearded dragons vary widely in colour ,including brown,grey,reddish-brown,red,yellow,white,orange,and sometimes green. They are capable of undergoing moderate changes in the shade of their colour to help regulated tempertature. The specialized scales along both sides of the throat, neck, and head form many narrow spins which run down the said of the body to the tail. When feeling threatened, bearded dragon will flatten its body against the ground, puff out its spiny throat, and open its jaws to make itself appear larger. The bearded dragon is so named because of the pouch-like projection ( also called the guttural pouch) on the underside of the neck and chin area which typically turns darker than the rest of the body. It also boasts spiny projections. Both of this caracteristics apair similar to a human's beard. Males typical have a darker beard than styrofoam fish box, but without a male lizard, the female's eggs will not be fetile. However, a female bearded dragon can retain sperm, and thus produce fertile eggs even after being separated from a male.

courtship involves the male head bobbing to display dominance. If the female displays submissive behavior, the male will use its mouth to grab the back of the female's head and the male will also wrap its front legs around the female's upper torso to keep her from moving. Copulation and insemination are quick. The gestation period averages about a month and a half.


two central bearded dragons kept as pets

Several of the Pogona genus are bred in captivity as pets; the two most popular are this specias