The Anaconda:

The cientific name of the Anaconda is Eunectes Murinus.They were of the family of the boas and they live in South America.

The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world,reaching more than 6 metres long.

His colours blend in with the environment.His weight is 97 kg.They eat fish,birds,and a variety of mammals,and other reptiles. Other Anacondas length 15metres. He strungle his prey and later he eats him.

He lives in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guayana, Perú, Paraguay and Venezuela.

There are 5 types of Anacondas:

The yellow Anaconda, the green Anaconda, the Anaconda Dechaunse, and the Anaconda Barbour.

They do not have nose, they smell and breath by his tongue.

The historian Mike Dash discovered the green Anaconda.

                                                                                               Sebastián Benavides  6°B