The african pelican (pelacanus onocrotalus)

The common pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) is a species of bird pelecaniforme Pelecanidae family.It is a large bird with white plumage, long neck and beak and yellow bag extensible. Length of 140-160 cm, with a wingspan of 280 cm and a weight of 10-12 kg. No sexual dimorphism in plumage. It has broad wings with black tips, black also trailing edge and neck retracted (S-shaped). It has a slow flight like herons and egrets.

Habitat and breeding

The resident pelican is common in southeastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Nests in large areas wetlands and river deltas. The most popular areas are the Danube Delta in Romania and Walvis Bay in Namibia. European Pelicans often migrate to Africa for the winter months. Breeding about 14 days between the months of May to July (1-3 eggs).

I just do not reach this beautiful journey to see a pelican Africa because we had to do other espesies but it was one of my travel beatiful . in Buin Zoo 2012 is very natural and very beautiful all thanks for coming.